Provides holders the opportunity to temporarily import, free of import tax and VAT, the goods necessary for use in an industrial process or service to produce, transform or repair foreign goods temporarily imported for subsequent export or the provision of export services.

Operating since 2008 to support the manufacturers to supply products locally through the IMMEX program. With this operation we managed the logistic of our principals to bring products from the border, stocking in-bond and local deliveries to reduce the cost of the whole operation. As a Mexican company we are in the supplier data bases of most of our customers in the territory.

Inventory close to your customer in Mexico duty free for anytime delivery.

Improving fill rates while decreasing stock outs and stock levels.

Eliminates last minute shipments and high costs associated.


Avoid paying:

General Import Tax in Mexico (IGI, Arancel-Ad-valorem) which varies by industry and goods/materials

VAT which is typically 16% of the import value

Compensatory quotas which are duties applied to products protected by Mexico's government (i.e. antidumping).

Ability to create:

Virtual import/export declarations between companies registered in the IMMEX program

Consolidated Import declarations

Sector Benefits Program (PROSEC) which allows the import of machinery, equipment and spare parts by services companies.

Enables you to:

Deliver your products to Mexico while eliminating the need of open an operation in Mexico

Expand or test markets.

Invoicing allowing your customers to deduct costs associated with doing business direct.

Expand markets, minimizing costs

We have a 4,000 sq ft location strategically located in Guadalajara were also stock spare parts, demo equipment and samples to improve the level of service to our local customers.